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Group Privacy Policy

It is the policy of the Scout Association of the UK and this Group to safeguard the privacy of all young and adult members of the Group. Therefore when creating or uploading images or documents or amending existing data on this website the following rules will be adhered to:

  • Only the telephone number for the Group Scout Leader will be provided within on public pages within this site
  • Only leaders and officers telephone numbers will be provided within Private (which require a user to log in to view them) pages within this site.
  • E-mail address will only be listed for adult members with their prior agreement. No young persons contact details will ever be provided
  • When referring to young people only the first name will be used, no surnames will be used
  • Only photos of young persons where parental consent has previously been agreed will be published

When accessing this site, details of when and what time you accessed it may be recorded in log files. Unless you are Logged in as a specific user no information which will identify is stored by the 89th Stoke Sea Scout Group. Cookies are only used by this website when logged in as a specific user.

Additional content is available to some users when logged at the discretion of the site manager.