Our Rudyard Training Site

Pico 2.jpgThe Group has a Training Site situated on the eastern shore of Rudyard Lake, near Leek.  The site is used regularly by all our Sections for camps, sleep-overs and other activities.  The site has two main accommodation buildings with bunk space for at least 11 people as well a plenty of communal space.   The camping field has room to accommodate at least an additional 30-40 people in tents.  

We also have a large fleet of sailing dinghies, pulling boats and canoes kept at our training site (including two wayfarers, several lasers, a longboat and a number of kayaks). This equipment is used by our older sections on a regular basis and forms a large part of the Scout Troop's and partnered Explorer Unit's core programmes. (Note: the boats are generally not available to hire.)

Our Training Site is available to hire.